Expired Auctions – Wednesday 5th October

Bought the Domain 2I had predicted that Wednesday would be a relatively quiet day on the expired auctions. I was both right and wrong! There were actually 28 contested domains on Netfleet, but nothing that really stood out in terms of dollar value. However, on Drop.com.au, it was very quiet.

Netfleet Results


Drop.com.au Results



They picked up number two on the list at Netfleet – exmouthfishingcharters.com.au. I purchased this one as it brought back fond memories of several fishing trips (out of Exmouth) some mates and I used to do in the ’80’s. Fly up from Perth on the Friday; go out fishing on a charter on the Saturday and Sunday – fly home Sunday night with fish all boxed up and snap frozen! Those were the days.

DS also picked up a number of 3L domains as well. Unfortunately though, they seemed to have a problem with their invoicing subsequent the auction. Hopefully that will be fixed this morning.

Thursday also looks like it will be a fairly quiet day, with nothing that stands out as substantial on offer. Certainly can’t see anything that inspires me to great heights!

Remember though, if you really want a domain, don’t be afraid to pay!

Ned O’Meara – 6th October 2016