Getting Some “Eyeballs”

I’m not much of a “social media” person, but I do love LinkedIn. I’ve used the platform for many years, and made some good friends and contacts along the way (from many different types of industries). And whilst I don’t generally seek out business on LinkedIn, I’ve lost count of the amount I have actually done as a result of being someone who specializes in domain names in Australia.

The fact is, is a niche blog, so I don’t expect to get “squillions” of readers. But I find that when I publish a link to my articles on LinkedIn, I generally get some really good “eyeballs”.

Case In Point

The other day, I did this article about Steve Baxt.

Here are the infographics from the LinkedIn post (visitors to Domainer were a lot higher).


One thought on “Getting Some “Eyeballs”

  • January 31, 2018 at 11:39 am

    Interesting share Ned, thanks.

    I, at times, make it a point to share some of my stuff on LinkedIn for more serious audience 🙂

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