Gone To The Dogs

The time is ripe to start cranking out some real income producing sites.

First cab off the rank is going to be DogWalkers.com.au. (It’s just a parking page at the moment). My wife and her mate have decided this is a great project for them.

Why? Offering “services” to time starved or ultra busy people seems to be really in vogue these days. Plenty of people have dogs, but some of them just don’t have the time (or inclination!) to walk them every day.

And I believe there are plenty of dog lovers out there keen to earn a bit of extra money. Win / win.

Here’s Something Similar

An online friend of mine in the USA (Elliot Silver) developed out DogWalker.com

He did a great job with this online directory, and this has given me inspiration to do something similar here in Australia.

So watch this space!

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