Google now value domain names more than ever.

Finally, in the year 2020, Google have realised the importance and influence a premium domain name has for online brands.

For all those people who claim “I don’t need to spend more than $20 for a domain name, I can just register any term I like, domain names don’t matter!”, it’s time you WOKE UP.

Google’s official public liaison of search just posted;

Last year, our search results on mobile gained a new look. That’s now rolling out to desktop results this week, presenting site domain names and brand icons prominently, along with a bolded “Ad” label for ads. Here’s a mockup:

You’ll notice there are no lame domain names in this search result example given by Google themselves.

Google now prominently display DOMAIN NAMES at the top of EACH SEARCH RESULT. This is clearly because they have researched that people using Google Search HIGHLY VALUE the quality of a domain name, or else, Google would simply have chosen to HIDE the domain name above each search result. But they don’t.

Because domain names show AUTHORITY.

You wouldn’t role up to a work meeting in a pair of flip-flops, would you?

Why allow your domain name to appear on Google Search as weak and cheap?

Do you get it yet?

Maybe it’s time you finally upgraded your own online address . . . Approach a domain broker or make an enquiry yourself by finding out who owns a name using WHOIS.

3 thoughts on “Google now value domain names more than ever.

  • January 23, 2020 at 1:44 pm

    Nice one Rob, this is quite big.

    Google has been experimenting for some time with various formats but this appears to be the way they are going.

    It’s true, there’s no removing the domain name from search results otherwise there are huge risks and trust issues.

    Making the URL more prominent reduces the risk of fraud and also means greater usability for Google users.

    2020 is going to be big not only for this reason but because it’s a psychological leap forward. Domain names came to the fore in the 90s, in the 00s. This is now the 20s. like .com has had everything thrown at it, from rubbish new TLDs to apps to social media to Google experiments … and is now stronger than ever and looks set for another boost.

    It’s intuitive stuff anyway, just a bit of a wait for the less brilliant to catch on and wake up to the importance of branding their business properly and/or milking a great keyword name to capture more of the marketplace.

    “We don’t need another domain.”
    “We’ve already got a domain name.”
    “We’re pretty happy with the way things are.”

    Big mistake. A generic domain name is a strategic marketing asset. If you’re thinking only of the here and now then yours is a business without vision or future.

    (If nothing else, acquiring the perfect domain name for your business will make your business saleable or more saleable.)

    Once a great domain name sells, it’s gone forever.

    Do not expect the opportunity to here next year, next month or even next week.

    If the name is “nice to have” but not a need, and you can’t justify it, that’s fine. Perhaps your competitor will want it.

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  • February 9, 2020 at 9:56 pm

    Nice. However it really leaves out mentioning how much value exists in exact match domains with either the search phrase or part of. 1-3 word phrases that would be paid extra to premium pricing acquisition costs if not hand registered.

    Leads me to believe and supports that this remains a pay to play your brand with constant seo manipulation and marketing costs.

  • February 11, 2020 at 4:40 am

    Glad to see the sales comps. How do we find the creation date for names?
    Whois(.)com and GoDaddy Whois do not post the actual that the name was registered?
    Thanks for the help.

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