Government Review of auDA’s Terms of Endorsement

Updated .au Domain Administration Terms of Endorsement Released

In a media release today, The Hon Paul Fletcher MP (Minister of Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and The Arts) said:

“The Morrison Government has today released updated Terms of Endorsement for the administrator of the .au internet domain, the .au Domain Administration (auDA), to ensure it remains fit for purpose in supporting Australians connecting online”.

Cutting a long story short, nothing significant has really changed. Just pats on the backs for the tremendous job auDA has supposedly done.

The new Terms are based on a set of core principles, including:

  • Engaging with the Australian Government and with a range of Government departments and agencies, including eSafety;
  • Supporting trust and confidence in .au;
  • Promoting principles of competition, fair trading and consumer protection;
  • Supporting fair and transparent multi-stakeholder engagement;
  • Supporting a membership structure that reflects the diversity of the Australian community;
  • Maintaining effective governance processes that are transparent, accountable, support effective decision-making and promote the interests of the Australian community.

The final report of the review, public submissions, and the new Terms are available here.

P.S. Thanks to Sean F for alerting Domainer to this media release.

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