Having The Second Best Domain Can Tank Your Brand

If there was ever a good case for a killer domain name it’s the case of Workforce.com. 

Workforce Software is a company that provides workforce management software. It uses the domain WorkforceSoftware.com. 

Workforce.com, on the other hand, has been used as the home of human resource news for decades. 

But a competitor of Workforce Software purchased Workforce.com last year. They changed their logo and rebranded their company to Workforce to go with the new URL. Now, they’re selling their own workforce management software. 

Suddenly a direct competitor of Workforce Software has a better domain, better positioning, and a brand that creates massive confusion for potential customers. 

Workforce Software filed a cybersquatting complaint against Workforce.com and lost their case. 

So the confusion persists. 

Both websites have incredibly similar icons, logos, and colouring. And the websites make you feel that they’re associated with a related company. But the case isn’t cybersquatting. It’s a case of someone swooping in and purchasing the better domain. 

Usually, you’ll be okay purchasing the second-best domain if the primary domain is used for something radically different. 

But the threat always remains that someone else can swoop in and rebrand the best domain as either direct competition or as something that might sully the image of your band. 

Because at this point, Workforce Software’s only real option may be to rebrand. 

Getting the second-best domain may, in fact, tank your brand.

2 thoughts on “Having The Second Best Domain Can Tank Your Brand

  • June 5, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    It can happen with generic words that relate to the goods and services offered.

    People need to think twice before turning down an opportunity to secure their preferred domain name.

    Who cares if you go by __________ Services? Congratulations. But that’s not what your customers or clients call you. They just call you ___________.

    And no, don’t ask your IT guy whether buying the domain is a good or idea or what it is worth. He’s actually more clueless than you are. Marketing and branding expertise is needed, not a new server or SEO plan.

    Who cares if business is good already. Who cares if you think you might retire in 2-3 years. Will business always be good? When you retire, will your business be more saleable or less saleable without the right domain name?

    Vision is needed.

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  • June 5, 2020 at 2:35 pm

    Longtail.com.au expired on the drops this week. Hundreds of backlinks. Belonged to a digital agency. A separate digital agency on Perth picked it up. And will get thousands of dollars worth of leads over its life cycle. ‘Long tail’ refers to long tail keywords. Zero trademark issues.

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