Well-informed submission made by Internet Commerce Association

The ICA is a non-profit trade organisation headquartered in Washington, D.C. with many members coming from Australia.

In regards to The PRP’s Final Report, in summary, ICA states:

  • auDA should reconsider its approach to domain name investing and should embrace it as a beneficial and important part of the domain name ecosystem.
  • The Policy Review Panel has found solutions in search of a problem.
  • The PRP have not engaged in evidence-based policy making.
  • Rather than clarifying the policies, the Panel has merely created equally or more unclear policies which are impossible and costly to effectively enforce.

In regards to Domain Monetisation, ICA state:

  • Domain name owners who provide the service to advertisers are engaging in what is a lawful and beneficial business.
  • Moreover, the revenue derived from such monetisation indirectly goes to auDA. Registrants who use a domain name for advertising receive some compensation which assist them in paying for the renewal.

You should do yourself a favour and read the full submission made by the ICA, below.

It hits the nail right on the head and ICA should be commended on their efforts for correctly and succinctly explaining this crazy moment in time so well.

ICA Letter re Policy Review April 9 2019

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  • April 10, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    Update: VOTE.com.au has been updated and is now working very well. Lot’s of people are agreeing to VOTE-AGAINST The PRP’s Final Report recommendations! Please share the VOTE.com.au link with everyone you know!

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