It’s been two years since Afilias took over running the .au Registry from AusRegistry.

Two years ago to this month (December 2016), AusRegistry lost the right to maintain Australia’s Domain Name Registry Database to Afilias.

At the time, auDA stated:

auDA CEO Cameron Boardman said the tender process allowed auDA to update the technical specifications of the registry, to enhance security and stability provisions, to secure commitments to higher services levels and to test pricing. 

Cameron Boardman, auDA’s CEO, resigned admist some controversy around two months ago.

Back in August, Adrian Kinderis from AusRegistry was publicly vocal on Twitter about his feelings toward auDA and some of the “consultants” they hired.

More recently, Mr Kinderis posted;

The Domain Pulse article mentioned in the above tweet can be found here.

You can read about Cameron Boardman’s resignation news here.

You can follow Adrian Kinderis on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “It’s been two years since Afilias took over running the .au Registry from AusRegistry.

  • December 13, 2019 at 8:17 am

    auDA is again looking for a new CEO. Who is running things now at auDA?

    Their phone is answered by a phone answering service!

    Will the new auDA Board follow the previous process of the now removed previous auDA Board?

    .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) CEO recruitment process

    Former auDA CEO Allegedly Falsified Academic Record and Misled Investigators

    Claims auDA boss quit after he was busted for “falsified” law degree

    Why are these fake “Not For Profit”/ Charity fools paying themselves secret bonuses ripping off .au domain name registrant Consumers?

    auDA have been misleading everyone for years and hiding their con job rip off with blacked out redaction only hinting at the massive money being taken out of the organisation by insiders and mates of mates… no public tenders, non public consulting gigs, non public jobs for the boys..

    Laurie Patton is a laughable joke. How much did he get paid by auDA and Afilias for his attacks and antics?

    Was he trying to get his snout further into the auDA gravy train money ( .au domain name registrant consumer money)?

    One day auDA will be fully audited and it will come out to the public… auDA leaks like a sinking ship.

    How much is the Not For Profit & Charity ( auDA Foundation) Mismanagement paid and why would any Bonuses be paid at the claimed NFP / Charity for the chaos they themselves created?

    “Secret / Blacked out” Bonuses from the Not For Profit funds?

    DoCA should have gone to an EOI to see who else could manage the .au namespace better. A monkey could have done better and for peanuts compared to the last 3 years of over $20 million blown by the failed ex CEO and now removed board!

    http://WWW.GRUMPIER.COM.AU was right all along

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  • December 13, 2019 at 9:50 am

    It appears to me the most recent ex CEO was very generous with auDA Funds to any party who was willing to go ahead with his reign of chaos and waste… Some people must have known of the questions about his suitability for the high paid auDA Not For Profit role and they happily went along with it …

    “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” was this arrangement it seems to me. .. Overpaid “Consultants”, auDA Marketing fund, $1500 each member per meeting for committees & panels, cushy auDA Jobs, Lavish Travel, FBT Taxes incurred by Board members paid by auDA funds? ,..

    This post is worth quoting in full. If it was not accurate I am sure the post would have been removed with the usual legal threats and bullying auDA has used over the last 3 years to mute concerns.

    I’m sure Domain Pulse has no problems quoting them in full.

    It’s been revealed that former auDA CEO Cameron Boardman “faced allegations of falsifying his academic record and misleading those investigating his qualifications before his sudden departure” according to a report in today’s Australian newspaper.

    The newspaper has seen documents containing several allegations against Boardman, who was also a former right wing Victorian Liberal Party politician (in Australia the Liberal Party is the right wing/conservative party).

    The report in The Australian [subscription required] says a letter seen by the newspaper to Boardman from former Chair Chris Leptos alleges Boardman “falsified his academic record by including a master of laws degree (LLM) from La Trobe University. Leptos abruptly resigned his position of auDA Chair after walking out of a board meeting in late July, possibly after these allegations were raised.

    Rumours have been circulating questioning whether Boardman had the academic qualifications he claimed for around 18 months with Domain Pulse reporting on them in April 2018. Domain Pulse understands the auDA Board was informed in 2017 of questions relating to the CEO’s qualifications, but that the Board refused to investigate. According to Domain Pulse sources, a Board majority out voted the concerns of some of the directors.

    “You have said that you were able to and did apply to graduate in absentia. You have, however, not produced that application or anything to confirm that you did graduate,” Leptos’ letter continues.

    “Why did you hold yourself out to have the qualification when you had no confirmation from La Trobe University that you had that qualification? At what point did you regard yourself as holding an LLM from La Trobe?”

    The letter goes on to allege that ‘Boardman misled investigators, who were looking into the veracity of claims he held a master of laws degree.’

    “When the issue of your qualifications was being discussed … You pointed to the frames indicating that the front frame contained your MBA from Monash University (and indicated) the second framed document was your LLM,” Leptos wrote.

    “You have previously indicated that you do not have the ‘paper’ LLM degree.”

    The Australian says they understand “Boardman resigned soon after learning of the allegations.”

    Since Boardman’s “resignation”, The Australian reports he has been paid “a full 12 months’ salary and [auDA] paid for him to attend [the APTLD] conference in Malaysia” in early September, a full month after his departure.

    I’m also sure Domain Incite also has no problems of their story being quoted in full to expose this Con Job rip off

    Claims auDA boss quit after he was busted for “falsified” law degree
    Kevin Murphy, October 1, 2019, 10:35:17 (UTC), Domain Registries

    Former auDA CEO Cameron Boardman abruptly left the .au registry overseer after his chair claimed he had falsely claimed to have a law degree from a prestigious university, it has been reported.

    Citing a letter from then-chair Chris Leptos to Boardman from earlier this year, The Australian reported last week that Leptos “alleged the then-CEO falsified his academic record by including a master of laws degree (LLM) from La Trobe University”.

    The CEO had denied the claims, the paper indicated.

    Boardman and Leptos both quit shortly after the allegations arose.

    Boardman resigned in July after a tumultuous three years in the job which saw him navigate governance and policy controversies and narrowly survive a member vote of confidence.

    Leptos had quit just a couple of weeks earlier, reportedly after a disagreement with Boardman about unspecified governance issues.

    No specific reasons were given by auDA for either resignation.

    Questions about Boardman’s qualifications had been raised as early as April 2018 in a freedom of information request that was ultimately unsuccessful because the government was not in possession of the documents requested.

    auDA is currently being chaired on an interim basis by director Suzanne Ewart, while other members of the executive team are looking after the CEO’s functions.

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  • December 13, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    auDA Exposed

    I was advised by a Registrar Manager that a meeting took place with auDA, Registry operator Afilias and some key major Registrars a mechanism to keep wholesale and retail .au pricing higher than it needed to be due to the lower Afilias pricing.

    The mechanism involved simply auDA putting in place the “Marketing Fund” as the buffer and then paying that back fund excess to key Registrars.

    This set a minimum “fake” and inflated wholesale price above what it needed to be. Then on top of this the Registrars add their margin to Resellers and end .Au domain name Consumers.

    This Registrar told me companies such as GoDaddy, Melbourne IT and Crazy Domains feared if the public wholesale price was reduced they would see one of their competitors lower their .au pricing. .. affecting their .au sales turnover, profits and possibly market Cap.

    I believe this is worthy of a full investigation not only by the ACCC but is in breach of the terms of auDA’s approval to manage the .au namespace and Consumer Protection.

    The now ex auDA CEO said .au pricing would go down with Afilias. He also aleged the old Registry provider and some key auDA Staff had done some deals to not go to tender for years.

    In fact even after the new Registry waste of money .au reseller consumers and .au registrant consumer prices don’t go down .. Crazy Domains even doubled their .au pricing for a 1 year registration after they helped stack the voting membership.. plus they have been receiving Marketing Fund rebates!
    Registrar Stacking of auDA to keep pricing higher and control

    Australians Said To Have Been ‘Ripped Off’ On Domain Names Since 2008

    auDA probably won’t pass on full Afilias savings to registrants

    auDA’s share of .au domain name fees raises eyebrows

    Adrian Kinderis even made a comment exposing this con job
    “Now it’s a “marketing, innovation and SECURITY” slush fund. It keeps growing. Look forward to seeing the results. What a bullshit puff piece. No benefit to end users and @auDA
    get to spend more money on whatever they want with zero accountability. Keep the laughs coming! ”


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  • December 13, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    What is the point of this article exactly.

    It isn’t two years since they took over. That would be July 1, 2020. They may have been awarded the registry two years ago if that is what you mean.

    Why don’t you take the time to call out a few of Cameron’s furphies when he made during various announcements;
    Cameron says “Under the agreement, Afilias will set up a new Melbourne office with 20 local staff, including seasoned domain name professionals with more than 20 years global experience”

    Has never happened. Afilias Australia runs all technical operations out of US/ Canada and has NEVER had 20 local staff. So much for an “agreement”.
    Leptos says “Importantly, I can also say that our CEO, Mr Cameron Boardman, enjoys the full confidence of the auDA board. As many of you know, the CMWG is chaired by Mr Boardman. Mr Boardman was also instrumental in the success of the Registry Transformation Project, and numerous other formal and informal consultation processes. I know that Mr Boardman has a deep respect for the multi-stakeholder model, indeed he says it is the foundation on which auDA is constituted.”

    Did he really have the support of the full Board. As it turns out, no. Did he really believe in a multi-stakeholder model. As it turns out, no. Look at the transformation away.

    Why did we do this?

    to improve the security of the .au namespace;
    – it hasn;t improved at all. In fact auDA has covered up a number of breaches.
    to lower domain management costs for .au registrants;
    – prices to Registrars were dropped. Not necessarily to Registrants. Registrars are not obliged to pass them on. The $3 per name that Afilias are charging auDA means that auDA is amassing a fortune. None of which has been spent in a single way that benefits Registrants.

    to introduce variable registration and renewal terms for .au domains;
    – Yay, finally a win!

    to improve service levels to .au registrars and their resellers;
    – Services levels have dropped dramatically largely around the response times for technical questions. Mind you Registrars wont speak out publicly as they have been threatened under their NDA’s within their accreditation agreement not to do so.

    to improve .au domain resolution speeds; and
    Um hasn;t happened at all. In fact auDA just singed up Neustar to assist in DNS resolution (see here;

    to increase funding for marketing and further innovation of the .au namespace.
    – Show me where their spend has impacted the take up or utility of .au domain names. A recent survey showed that in 2019 Search has increased by 56% over direct navigation as a way of connecting consumers to content. .au is becoming irrelevant.

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  • December 16, 2019 at 7:59 am

    “Leptos says “Importantly, I can also say that our CEO, Mr Cameron Boardman, enjoys the full confidence of the auDA board.”

    Read between the lines Adrian. When someone says that it means the person is screwed. Leptos was giving the kiss of death.

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    • December 18, 2019 at 10:54 am

      Actually I disagree. This was said a long time ahead of any conflict between the two. Leptos was great until he started engaging directly with the government and standing on Boardman’s toes.

      At this time he did enjoy Leptos’ support.

      Mind you, I also comment and say that he didn’t have the full support fo the Board.

      Finally, if that is your only comment on my musings I have completely missed my target.

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  • December 19, 2019 at 1:55 pm

    Sad for all Australians. After 18 years, the auDA Board of Directors (Dirty Dozen) decided not to provide funding for the auDA Foundation. According to the financials, a measly $10k was donated to the foundation last year, compared with over $350k the previous years.

    Just to be clear – $6.13 to auDA per domain per year, and $2.54 per year goes to Afilias. It appears, auDA doesn’t support the $0.25c donation going to the auDA foundation. Now they have a 12 million Registrar slush fund, and increased Director fees to fund.

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