has been taken out of PD for the second time in a month.

Around a month ago, the domain name was dropping, due to it being placed into Policy Delete by auDA.

At the last minute, with multiple bids to buy the domain name on Drop and Netfleet, the domain was taken out of Policy Delete and wrongly placed into “Registry Lock” by auDA. This stopped the domain name being purchased from the drop-auction process by anyone, for reasons unclear.

A few weeks later, the domain was suddenly placed back into PD, and as of this morning, appeared on both drop platforms to drop again!

However, just like last time, this domain was taken out of Policy Delete mode AGAIN at THE LAST MINUTE by auDA for the second time in a month.

The way auDA are behaving in regards to this particular domain name is causing the integrity and stability of the domain name drop-platform auction process to be placed into question.

For what reason is auDA constantly placing this domain name into Policy Delete, and then removing it at the last minute?

This isn’t a lone event, this is the second time auDA have done this in a month…

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    December 11, 2019 at 6:03 am

    These are exactly the kind of things that totally erode trust in both AuDA and the drop platforms and marketplace. The wider community beyond us small group of domainers has no chance of engaging in this opaque world.

    Netfleet and Drop do nothing to communicate with customers either which only contributes to the confusion and frustration

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