never sold and is dropping for the fourth time.

I’m not sure about you, but I no longer have faith in Australia’s domain name dropping system, in particular one of the so-called “auDA endorsed” drop platforms at the moment.

Many people have been asking us at Domainer, “Why are some of the recent domain name sales listed under the TOP AU DOMAIN SALES section UNDER REVIEW?”


We wrote about selling for $100,000 back in February.

Turns out, it wasn’t true.

Which is why we are reviewing every domain name caught by since the Afilias Registry migration that commenced on July 1st, 2018. is officially back in Policy Delete and it’s going to DROP AGAIN in about 8 days.

FOR THE FOURTH TIME THIS YEAR. and Terrific Registrar are still currently being investigated by auDA for the way they manipulated the drop recently.

Today, for some reason, suddenly my account became “un-banned” and I was just sent this clarification by as to why has been placed back into Policy Delete:

Dear Robert,

We are contacting you today as you previously placed a bid on and the domain is going to become available again on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

We allow bidding on domains as soon as they appear on the Official drop lists provided by Afilias so you can use the link below to place bids now (if you want to) or you can participate on the day.

Why is the domain being policy deleted?

We temporarily used our Registrar credentials to register the domain name. This is not allowed under current auDA policies.

Why did it take so long to get deleted?

We used both the internal and external review process to ensure that we had a fair review. Overall this was a time consuming process but it does provide us with some closure.

Why did the domain drop three times last time?

On day 1 the domain was scheduled to be deleted 15 minutes away from the drop zone but the list of domains to purge was already determined an hour earlier so it would have been purged on day 2.

On day 2 the Registry Operator blocked the drops for the day to investigate what happened on day 1 due to both drop catchers reporting a problem.

On day 3 the Registry Operator had concluded their investigation and purged the domain name.

Will the next drop also be delayed?

The Registry Operator has corrected the original issue by putting domains which are scheduled to be purged in the final hour on the list for an extra day, so some Policy Deletes now have 15 days. This means that the purge dates published by the Registry Operator are now more predictable.

There are still a few other known issues which can cause delays and have not been addressed yet by the Registry Operator so there is still a potential for delays.

If there are any delays then bids placed on the 12th will be carried forward to the next day.

Why did you use your registrar credentials?

We believed that we could act as an agent for a customer if you had a pre-existing order and acting as an agent is not an unprecedented as many registrars currently do this. However according to auDA policies, this is not allowed and only enforced if there is a complaint. Unfortunately one of our competitors, that is also in the drop space made a complaint to auDA.

Did you learn anything?

Firstly we have a new found sympathy for defendants. Waiting in the dark for weeks on end for auDA is really frustrating, we got unlucky and had a complaint during auDA’s migration onto a new complaints system. We trust that those delays are now behind auDA and it will be smoother moving forward.

Secondly not knowing who the complainant is can be unfair. For years we have argued that complaints should stay anonymous but we have learned now that auDA does actually consider extra information provided by complainants. If indefensible evidence is going to be considered by auDA, which is not provided to the defendant, then we need to join the chorus of people saying that the complaints process should no longer be anonymous and that the defendant had a right to know who the complainant is in order to effectively defend themselves against evidence which cannot be independently verified by auDA.

If you have further questions or specific concerns feel free to contact us via email on [email protected] and we will answer any questions which we can.

Best Regards,
Expired Domain Specialists
[email protected]

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  • June 5, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    For many years there have been plenty of reasons to question the practice of domain name drop auction companies and their blatant monopolising of the domain name drop catch market. Catching and holding domain names for huge profit (ransom) via either companies ability to catch and control the greater majority of valuable domain name for selective ownership, either for self interest or their business associates. I believe the auction process conducted by each the two big players in the .Au drop auction arena allows they each to facilitate some serious insider trading via their behind the scene closed auction process. It is wrong in so many ways and the whole drop system is poorly managed or governed by the auDA. Basically, these two companies prevent any honest working Au citizen from acquiring a chosen domain name for its retail price. This process would NEVER be permitted in order to sell houses. Using this closed auction process and the ability to alter the end result via bid manipulation would never be allowed.

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    • June 5, 2019 at 9:04 pm

      There is no drop system

      Expired names become available on a first come first served basis

      Anyone is free to start their own registrar and catch names for others if they don’t like it

      To catch good names requires registrar connections, the more you have the better your chances

      There is no true monopoly or duopoly among drop catchers, it’s simply the case that no one else can be bothered setting up shop

      And why should they? Good names hardly drop any more. Because ppl know they are worth $$$

      That’s why backorders are a waste of time.

      • June 5, 2019 at 10:44 pm

        You wouldn’t happen to be running a “backorder registrar server” yourself, would ya, “Harry”? One that only catches your own domain name? Once?

        When you say, “Anyone is free to start their own registrar and catch names for others”, this is not only incorrect, it’s unfair.

        99.9% of us have been playing fair by using the two recognised drop-platforms to make our highest bid to win a daily dropping domain name.

        If you want UNFAIR, I’m sure there are many domain investors who will fight fire with fire and create magical Registrars and lease multiple servers. But let’s see what auDA’s verdict on is first. This will dictate the future playing field.

        And… to clarify, it’s called “Drop Catching”, not “Backordering”. If you want to use this term, you’ll be suggesting we go back to the domain name “cowboy” days. Is that what everyone wants here?

        If good names don’t drop, explain these recent drops;

        “Backorder”, my arse.

        That’s called “cheating” in my book.

        We’re watching.

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        • June 6, 2019 at 1:48 am

          It’s more like, pay us lots of money under the table and get first served.

          Who ensures the integrity of bids are authentic and protected from shill bids? Those caught with their hand in the cookie jar… lol

          The bid records should be audited by auDA for authenticity, but Who am I kidding!

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          • June 6, 2019 at 1:19 pm

            If you don’t want to pay a price for a name then don’t bid

            I’m always checking the whois of names I might like to buy

            I’ve never once looked up a name belonging to you Scott

            • June 6, 2019 at 8:21 pm

              Thanks Harry, I try not to make the mistake of dropping valuable domain names.

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