Members Are Getting Grumpy Again auDA

What is going on at auDA? Promises of better communication and transparency (made at the members Special General Meeting on the 31st July) have not become reality. In fact, the culture of secrecy seems to have expanded.

Sure we get the occasional members newsletter with a few carefully selected items. But the only way members have a chance of knowing what might be happening at auDA is to read the Minutes. Even in their heavily redacted and “threadbare” state, seasoned auDA watchers can glean some hints as to what might actually be going on.

Today is October 10th, and we’re still waiting on some Board Minutes from the 14th and 21st August. Reading between the lines, there is obviously some contention amongst Directors as to the “construction and content” of these. If there wasn’t, they would have been published by now. I mean the Minutes from the 6th September have already been published.

The Buck Must Stop With The Interim Chair

Erhan Karabardak controlled the SGM on the 31st July with an iron glove. He was the one who kept saying to members that auDA was now listening; and that “tomorrow starts today”.

But lack of transparency sadly seems to be continuing under his reign. My latest email concerning the Minutes remains unanswered (despite his personal assurances that he will always be responsive) :


Despite him not responding, some action occured, because the Minutes for the 2nd and 16th August appeared yesterday.

Please Explain To Members

♦Why are we not getting Minutes published expeditiously? Minutes are supposed to be a true record of a meeting; therefore it is hard to understand the delay. Is this “best practice” corporate governance?

♦ What’s with all the “In Camera” Board Meetings lately?

♦ Why have the CEO and Company Secretary been excluded from some sessions?

♦ Who takes the Minutes when the Company Secretary isn’t there?

Some answers would be wonderful. Let’s see if I can get some via a letter to the CEO and Interim Chair.

Ned O’Meara – 10th October 2017


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