Millions Of Websites On Inaccessible As Google Drops The Ball

Google’s Blogger site, “”, in India is going through some trouble at the moment as millions of blogs are inaccessible. It seems that the “” URL is no longer controlled by Google. 

The blogs can still be found online by changing the .in to .com in the URL. However, browsers are not automatically redirected. 

Google seems to no longer own the domain according to the WhoIs information. The registry was updated within the last month. However, it’s not clear how or why Google lost control of the domain. 

You would expect a company the size of Google to maintain domain ownership of such a large piece of online property. Although the issue may be temporary, this calls into question the security of all of the blogs that are currently on Blogger. 

Instead of using Google’s Blogger, you can host your own domain. Many people are drawn to the Blogger platform due to its ease of use. But with Google’s commitment called into question this ease of use may no longer exist.