New Blockchain Domain Names To Be Offered

It looks like Tezos may be following Etherium by beginning to offer domain names. 

Tezos is an Ethereum-like blockchain cryptocurrency that hosts smart contracts and dApps. 

In a blog post on 5 June the leader of the Tezos Domains Project, Miroslav Bodecek, explained the project.  In the post, he explains that old blockchain wallet addresses have been an “obstacle for the practical use of Tezos as a currency” since they can’t be communicated, read, or memorized. The new domain name services solve this problem. 

Once Tezos names are introduced, users can use names such as Kevin.tez instead of the long string of letters and numbers currently used. This makes it much easier for Tezos tokens to be sent and received. And developer names can be attached to smart contracts making it easier for DApps to interact with and discover them. 

The proposal is still in the early days and there’s no guarantee it will come to fruition. 

Tezos plans to sell names at an open auction where bidding is public. And the purchase of expired domains will be “first-come-first-served”. 

Tezos is not the first blockchain to announce name services, as we’ve previously discussed here on the blog. Etherium already has 274,000 ENS names. Other blockchain-based name services for Namecoin, Zilliqa, and NEO have been built. And other name services, such as Unstoppable Domains, are supported by Ethereum. 

Blockchain names may be challenging to implement, however they’re a huge step forward in promoting freedom of the internet.