New Domainer Forum

domainer forum

As a trial, I am introducing a new “Domainer Forum”.

If it’s utilised, I may make it a permanent part of Domainer in the future.

There are TWO sections to the Domainer Forum.

SECTION 1 is the Public Domainer Forum – this forum displays public domain name news that anyone who Registers can see. Anyone can Register and interact with other Forum Subscribers.

SECTION 2 is the Private Domainer Forum – this forum is private and can only be viewed by approved Domainers, domain name investors, domain brokers and domain name industry people. This area is a chance for the “wholesale” and “drop” industry to discuss topics amongst themselves, before talking publicly about their collective opinions. Access to this area is free, but requires that a Private Domainer Forum member to nominate you to be granted access, and at least 5 members in total to agree to the nomination.

Current members that have “Domainer” Private Forum nomination status (that have been subscribed to Domainer since 2015) are:

Luke O
Luke S
Scott L
Shane M

Please reach out to one of these initial Private Forum members, if you would like to be nominated to join.


  • No comment should be solely negative and/or sarcastic in content. If you have to write something negative, please ensure there is at least a “constructive” element to your comment.
  • If a member doesn’t post at least once per month, it means the member no longer values their position in the Domainer Forum and their membership will be automatically deleted to make room for more pro-active members.
  • Private Domainer Forum access can only be granted if you are nominated by a current “Domainer” on the Private Forums. Once nominated, at least 5 Private Forum Members need to approve your nomination.

You can >>> REGISTER HERE <<<