New Patent for Domain Name Transfers

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those AuthCodes that you have to use to transfer domain names? 

GoDaddy has just received a patent to switch to registrant data verifications, eliminating the need for those pesky AuthCodes. 

Usually, when you transfer a domain name you have to log in to the old domain registrar’s account to request an authorization code. Then this authorization code has to be given to the new registrar before the transfer can be completed. The patent creates a way for people to transfer domain names to a new registrar without having to log in to the old registrar’s account. 

The new system involves verifying the owner’s information by verifying Whois information rather than getting an authorisation code. An alternative to Whois information includes the winning registrar pinging the losing registrar, which would provide the information for the old registrar needed to validate the transfer. 

Interestingly, this is similar to the old way domains were transferred where an email was sent to the Whois contact. 

The new process doesn’t override transfer locks, however. So the old registrar would still need to remove these before the transfer could take place.