New Tool Shows Available 1-word Domains

A fun new tool just launched that lists available one-word domain names. 

OneWord.Domains was launched by Steven Tey, a data science student at Keck Graduate Institute.

Currently, it lists only a few of the most popular extensions and shows how few one-word or simple domains are still available. Domains in .com, .io, .co, .app, and .ai are currently displayed.

While the site is fun to explore and has a lot of great domain names, it also has many domains that have registry premiums. 

One of the featured domains,, has a registry premium that will cost potentially thousands to add to your domain portfolio. 

However, there are still a number of exciting .io and .ai names to be had at normal prices. 

What’s interesting is not just how fun this tool is to use to easily see what short domain names are still available across these registries, but how few amazing domains are left. 

All the more reason that domain name real estate is so valuable.