Nominet And auDA

Nominet is the governing body of the .uk domain space – and auDA fulfills that role for the .au domain space. There are a number of differences in the structure of the two bodies – in particular, Nominet is also the registry. But they are both “not for profit” organisations.

About a year ago, Nominet commissioned the former Chairman of the BBC (Sir Michael Lyons) to “undertake an independent external review of Nominet’s operating model and governance arrangements”. His report was given to the Board in October, but has only been published this month (along with Nominet’s response).

Online blogs and forums have not been particularly kind to Nominet. If you can’t be bothered reading through both reports, The Register has given their take on it all. 😉

I particulary noted this section of Sir Michael’s report (page 13), because it is something close to my heart with regards the auDA.


I would encourage Nominet to try to capture as wide a range of voices as possible, representing different end users and also those organisations interested in the future development of both the internet and the digital economy as they act upon consumers and citizens.

Why Is It Close To My Heart?

One of the most popular articles published on (in terms of traffic analytics and social media shares) was this one dealing with the possible introduction of direct registrations in Australia.

Then there was this one regarding the Names Panel survey results. This had heaps of comments – including some from registrars.

Also this one at the end of the Names Panel process. And finally this one after the auDA AGM (I was shut down when I asked these questions – though the CEO did subsequently apologise to me).

I believed then, as I believe now, that auDA should make a concerted effort to engage those endusers that will be most affected by any possible introduction of direct registrations.

It’s not too late to do so.


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    February 13, 2016 at 3:07 am

    auda is beholden to registrars and registry. They dominate decision making.

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