On The Drops

Just having a look back at the action this week on the expired auctions.

Monday 28th March

Quieter day today with only 13 contested domains on Netfleet; they lost just 1. This was datatech.com.au at $28 +/+ – picked up by Domain Shield (probably for $25 inclusive).

Top domains were eln.com.au – bid was $205 +/+; (losing bid on Drop was $214); followed by proteinshake.com.au at $88 (losing bid on Drop was $89).

Overall, only the one domain achieved 3 figures, with the others selling from $88 +/+ down to $20 +/+.

Tuesday 29th March

Only 14 contested domains on NF today, and they won all but one small one.

Top domain today was signworks.com.au at $250 +/+; (no bid on Drop).

There were three domains that cracked 3 figures – the rest went from $78 +/+ down to $10 +/+.

Wednesday 30th March

Big day today for Netfleet in terms of dollar value. There were only 11 domains contested, and they won them all.

Top domains were escortsmelbourne.com.au at $2603 +/+; (no bid on Drop); followed by rhythm.com.au at $1101 (losing bid on Drop was just $2!).

Overall, 2 domains achieved 4 figure bids; 2 domains at 3 figures; and the other 18 went from $88 +/+ down to $21 +/+.

Thursday 31st March

Today was an absolute first. What a shocker! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Only one contested domain on Netfleet, and they didn’t win it!

That domain was leach.com.au (losing bid on NF was $121 +/+). It was picked up on Domain Shield for $100 inclusive.

Friday 1st April

Big day to end the week – and to start the month.

A total of 28 contested domains on Netfleet today, and they won 24 of them – including the top one.

“Top of the wozza” today was a juicy 2 letter domain – ec.com.au – bid was $5789 +/+; (losing bid on Drop was $4000).

Next notable domain today was one that Netfleet lost to Dropinteriorblinds.com.au had a bid of $395 +/+ on Netfleet, but a well know domain investor picked it up on Drop for just $1 +/+.  Once again, it just goes to show that you need to cover your bases. Occasionally, Drop gets lucky!

Overall, one domain achieved 4 figures, three at 3 figures; with the others selling from $80 +/+ down to $10 +/+.


And that’s a wrap of this week’s results!

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  • April 2, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    great work, I sold immersiveness.com the other day picked up after owner dropped and no drop company went after it and went back to hand reg and rego two years and sold for 4 figures this week so shows you can hand reg and make money

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