Oops! Prime domains not renewed

Panel OopsA big corporate lost some prime financial domains today. Why? Because they weren’t renewed for some reason.

Domains like Stocks.com.au and Stockbroker.com.au.

These domains went to the expired domain auctions where they sold for big bucks – and we’re talking over $30,000!!!!

Here’s the proof!

These prices are exclusive of GST and registration fees.

NF Auction result 8 May 2015


Previous Registrant

As the screenshots below show, these domains once belonged to the Goldman Sachs / JBWere alliance.

Stocks WhoIsStockbroker











So why weren’t they renewed?

The big lesson for individuals; small business and corporates alike is to keep your “Registrant Contact Email” up to date. If you don’t, you won’t get the renewal notices, and so the domains expire. And someone – possibly your competitor – will acquire your prime digital property.

In this instance, it looks like the “registrant contact” left their employ some time ago. No one changed details. Oops!

Money down the drain