Perth Real Estate Domains

Back on May 1st 2015, I was pleased to announce the sale (on payment terms) of two of the best real estate domains in my portfolio.

Those domains were and

Link to the article here.

As I said then, the deal was a true win / win – the buyer was very happy because they got a great deal on favourable terms; and we were pleased because we achieved a fair price.

That payment plan is now complete, and ownership of the domains has now been transferred to Graham Harvey of Syndication Pty Ltd. Graham is a nice guy to deal with, and I wish him great online success.

Domainer Sales Tip No 1

Getting paid up front is not the “be it and end all” of selling domains. In fact if you insist on this, it is my opinion that you will lose many potential deals.

Purchasers sometimes don’t have the funds available right there and then, and whilst being obviously keen on the domain or domains, the price can seem insurmountable.

So if you want to do more deals at fair market value, then offer your potential purchasers options.

E.g. a cash price for immediate settlement; and/or a terms price for payment over 3,  6 or 12 months. If they take the terms deal, they get use of the domain/s from the start, but “title” doesn’t pass until fully paid for.

Why not give it a try!


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