Questions for auDA AGM

The auDA AGM is rapidly approaching – 27th November or 2 weeks on Monday.

Apart from election of Directors, the AGM gives members the opportunity to ask the Board and CEO questions. This is always a lively session, and this year should be no different.

I’m hopeful that the AGM will be recorded and/or streamed for the benefit of members unable to attend. This is to be confirmed though (Erhan Karabardak tells me that Cameron Boardman is away at the moment).

As I did last year, I’d like to provide a forum on Domainer for people to submit questions which I will ask on your behalf. Please list them below in the comments section – or if you prefer anonymity, you can email me. I think it’s actually good to “telegraph our punches”. I’d rather have an answer on the day than be fobbed off!

Let’s hope we get no “ducking and diving”; or hiding behind “Board confidentiality”.


Let me start the ball rolling. I’ll keep updating this section as questions come in.

  1. Why did Grant Wiltshire (as a retiring Demand Class Director) decide to contest Supply Class instead? I note he is not even a Supply Class member – so what Supply Class experience does he have?
  2. Why has the Deloitte report about direct registrations not been released to members?
  3. Given auDA’s communique after the Special General Meeting on 31st July, why have you not published Minutes in a timely fashion? In addition, why are they so heavily redacted compared to previous Minutes?
  4. Where is the new interactive auDA web site that we were told was imminent (both at last year’s AGM, and this year’s SGM)?


Ned O’Meara – 9th November 2017