Reflections On A Sunday – 21 February 2016

TSV 3Another early morning walk in FNQ – Far North Queensland. Little bit of rain around at the moment – but not enough to fill the dams. Humidity is horrendous. 🙁

This photo is also from the top of Castle Hill in Townsville (looking north across the Coral Sea). That structure you see on Castle Hill is a Second World War observation post.

Off to Brisbane later today for a few days. Looking forward to meeting up with Frank Schilling and Heather Pierre from Uniregistry tomorrow, and then some fellow domain industry friends on Tuesday at our Brisbane meetup on Tuesday. The venue is now confirmed as the Pig N Whistle at 446 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. 12 noon onwards – stay for as long or as little as you like!

Reflection 1

I find as I get older, I tend to call “a spade a spade” much more often. It doesn’t always endear me to some people, but at least they are left in no doubt as to where I stand on issues.

To me this a far more honourable course of action than those that try to be all things to all people.

And then you get those that say one thing to your face, but “white ant” you in private. That’s pretty sad.

Yes, I do speak my mind, but I certainly don’t hold on to grudges – I just like to get on with life. At my age, the clock is ticking – and every day has to be made the most of! Whilst I’d rather have friends than people that don’t like me, I’ll never be afraid to speak up if I truly believe in something. And I truly appreciate those that feel similarly.

Should it happen that I’m not in agreement with someone, I very much respect their right to their opinion. With people of good will and intentions, there is always many other things that we can agree on!


Reflection 2

Just recently I had some legal work done for me in Townsville by a mate. Someone who I have sold a few domains to over the last couple of years.

Being a great believer in “bartering”, we came to an arrangement where I gave him a premium legal domain (absolutely ideal for his business) in exchange for his knowledge and expertise. No cash changed hands.

To me that is a great win / win.

And I reckon that every day there is an opportunity for all of us to look at “bartering or exchange” as an additional way to do business.


As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts.

Best wishes for your online success. 🙂