Review Of Australia’s .au Domain Management

As I wrote last month, the Federal Government announced a review into auDA. Paul Szyndler (formerly of auDA) wrote a very informed guest article on the potential options available to the Federal Government.

Today, the Department of Communications and the Arts (DOCA) released their discussion paper into the above.

Consultation Period: November 16, 2017 16:00 AEDT to December 18, 2017 17:00 AEDT

You can download the discussion paper here.

The fantastic thing about DOCA is that you can make a digital submission.


To cut to the chase for my readers, the actual questions that DOCA seeks answers on are listed below.

What I like on page 10 of the discussion paper is this little snippet regarding stakeholder accountability:

“A board should act with integrity to the benefit of its stakeholders and the long-term interests of the organisation. Stakeholders should be treated equally with their rights and obligations clearly defined, as should board responsibilities in terms of its accountability and transparency. Robust reporting, development and audit procedures will assist in ensuring a board is accountable and provide stakeholders with an opportunity to comment on governance. “

DOCA Discussion questions


Interested as always in your comments.

Ned O’Meara – 16th November 2017