Sales Are Booming

Had one of my best months ever in terms of domain name sales. Both in quantum and quality.

And this week in particular has been spectacular – and there is still today and tomorrow to go!

Maybe it is the universe’s way of helping ease my chronic back pain. 🙂


Every sale is important, and I value “bread and butter” ones immensely. These keep the show on the road.

But it’s also great to get a few biggies along the way.

Some of these have included:


Apart from, the others were from inbound enquiries mostly via my Fabulous landing pages.

Moral To The Story

If you have quality names; and you’ve got a good landing page up with a “call to action”, then you’re on your way to getting enquiries.

The skill of converting these enquiries into quality sales is a story for another day!

As always, best wishes for your online success. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sales Are Booming

  • October 30, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    Wow, that’s great to hear Ned!
    Just wondering, as perhaps others do, why you don’t make your sales public? With thousands of names in your portfolio, and fewer and fewer good names dropping any more, you now have a greater interest in making your sales public than in suppressing selling prices to minimize your acquisition costs.
    Many end users refer to and ‘top sales’ lists on DNTrade, Netfleet, DNJournal and (which feeds into Estibot), but unfortunately these lists are almost fully comprised only of ‘drop’ auction results.
    As one of Australia’s pre-eminent domain name investors and the co-publisher of this blog (which has now surpassed DNTrade – see Alexa) you are in a very unique position to educate domain buyers (and investors alike) about the great results being achieved in the .au space.
    The lesson to be drawn from .com in the US is that growth in domain name values cannot be achieved without at least a handful of tenacious and fearless investors refusing to sign NDAs and making their sales public.
    The DNTrade 2015 ‘top sales’ list is a dog’s breakfast comprised of only SEVEN (7) private sales to date and dominated by ‘drop’ auction results, which reflect only WHOLESALE domain values. A new and ongoing list is required to reflect and distinguish RETAIL domain values (and to report wholesale results at the same time). I urge you to create and maintain such a list as you are very well placed to do so. Secondly, I urge you to lead by example and publish say a dozen sales (at various levels) that you’ve achieved this year.
    Ron Jackson has done a great job with DNJournal, I’m sure I speak for many investors when I say an Australian ‘Monthly Sales’ list published on is needed. You could do interviews or podcasts with end user buyers (of five and six figure names) and provide a valuable backlink to their site in return.
    The publication of private sales (which are all generally four figures or higher) would make it much easier for large portfolio holders (like yourself) to realise the value of names held.

    • October 31, 2015 at 8:29 am

      Firstly, thank you for your comments about

      I hear your point of view regarding sales prices, but there are many reasons I don’t publish my own sales “numbers”.

      Firstly, and most importantly to me, it’s a simple courtesy to the buyer. Yes, the sale becomes public knowledge – but that doesn’t mean to say that they want their competitor (or whoever) to know what they paid.

      Personally, I even hate it when wholesale prices of my purchases are published. Happy for people to know I acquired a particular domain, but knowledge of the acquisition prices can sometimes cause a roadblock when it comes to onsale.

      However, if you or anyone else wants their sales mentioned or highlighted, I would be very happy to do it.


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