Sell Off Sale!

As part of my exit from all things .au, our family interests intend selling off our extensive domain portfolio.

It’s not a “fire sale”, but we are very motivated sellers – and prices will reflect this. Particularly for those that buy in bulk.

We’re not going to be sending out our entire list to anyone – it is far more expedient if you let us know what your “niches or keywords” are, and we will pull you a list.

As an indicator, our domains include:

  • 1 and 2 word generics;
  • Brandables;
  • “Geo occupations / services”;
  • One of the biggest collection of 3L domains (our best sellers by far).
  • A “real estate” portfolio probably second to none;
  • Accommodation and tourism / travel domains;
  • And many others …

Some early birds have already jumped on this bandwagon, so if you’re interested in having the pick of the crop, then please email us today.

Ned O’Meara – 19th April 2018