Are SEO WEB RECOVERY Cybersquatters?

According to, “cybersquatting is the act of registering a domain name that is extremely similar, or identical, to an existing business”.

Guzzini Pty Ltd recently acquired the domain name and then very recently gave it to a company called SEO WEB RECOVERY PTY LTD.

Who are ‘Guzzini’ and ‘SEO WEB RECOVERY’, you may ask?

You can read about them at our previous article.

But in short, SEO WEB RECOVERY’s shares are owned by an accountant. Not a pizza store owner.

Here is a screenshot of who currently owns

SEO WEB RECOVERY were recently given this domain name by GUZZINI

Next, here is a screenshot of the current website for

Next, here is a current Trip Advisor screenshot of the owners of a real pizza shop in Woolongong called Julios Pizza.

The red arrows appear to show Julio’s Pizza in Wollongong used to own the domain themselves.

But now, all that hard work of making pizzas and building their website has gone to someone else. All the traffic that visits now earns “click revenue” for and SEO Web Recovery.

We wrote about (domain monetisation/parking) and SEO WEB RECOVERY at our previous article.

We’re not talking about owning a ‘geographic’ or ‘generic’ domain name here like,) we’re talking about owning an exact specific unique business-name-related domain name.

SEO Web Recovery do not own any “pizza” related business names, according to public ASIC Records, so, a number of questions are raised.

Does this mean SEO WEB RECOVERY are cybersquatting on this domain name and ‘making a profit’ (from domain parking) from the existing business?

How and why were Guzzini allowed to acquire this domain name in the first place, (Guzzini don’t own any pizza related businesses either) and how and why did SEO WEB RECOVERY acquire this domain name from Guzzini?

If this domain name is currently being cybersquatted, will auDA soon be Policy Deleting it?

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