Should have taken the offer!

Missed Opportunity Stamp


We’ve all done it at some stage.

Yes – talking about missing out on an opportunity to either buy or sell something when the price is actually right.

That house that was just perfect; that car that would have been great for your son or daughter; or that domain name that would have been just ideal for your business.

Sometimes we hesitate or procrastinate when we’re buying because we think we can get a better price. Or we think that the commodity is just too expensive. How often do we kick ourselves afterwards when we find someone else didn’t think that way!

And if we’re the seller!

We just know that someone is going to pay us what we’re asking. Of course our pricing is realistic!

Somebody makes us an offer which is a bit under our price, and we decline. We’re not greedy – we think we’ve got a good feel of market value; supply and demand!

Three months later we’re still trying to sell – and we’ve dropped the price below what that first buyer offered us. (Of course they bought something else!).

The other side of the coin

Just to confuse us all, on the rare occasion we can actually sell something too cheaply.

What a conundrum!

But that’s a story for another day. 🙂