Snippets – 17th September 2016

Here are a few snippets relating to the business of domain names.

auDA News

I have been following auDA up with regards the publishing of the Board Minutes for the 25th & 27th July. On Thursday, Helen Hollins (General Manager, Communications) told me that the delay was caused by some unforeseen circumstances (staff illness etc), and that they would hopefully be published on their website by Friday (yesterday).

She was true to her word, and they have now been published.

Minutes – 25th July

These are some of the most abridged auDA Minutes I have ever read. Not much was said; and with what was said; one has to try and read between the lines! In particular, Item 6:

6.       Registry Operations for Direct Registrations – Confidential – G Pongas & K Srinivasan absent


Hellll00000! We are Members, and it would be great to have a more comprehensive update on the subject of direct registrations!

There were some new memberships approved – 7 Demand Class; and 9 Supply Class. Some familiar names.

Minutes – 27th July

This looks like a Board Meeting / Dinner engagement to effectively rubber stamp the appointment of the new CEO Cameron Boardman.

  • Wonder how much that cost?
  • Also, are Members going to be apprised of the salary package of the new CEO? And what performance indicators is he subject to?

“Stuart Benjamin stressed the importance of a performance bonus being part of the package, to ensure the CEO performed.”

What do you think?

People In Our Industry

Over the years, I’ve done business with many fellow domain investors. Most transactions (both buying and selling) have been agreed to with a simple phone call or email. Domains even sometimes get transferred before money has hit the account! Mutual trust is a great commodity in this day and age.

I had occasion to do business again earlier this week with Don Rankin from Brisbane. He’s a good mate of mine – and a fellow Broncos supporter 🙁 . As always, it was pleasurably easy. If Don agrees to something, he is absolutely a man of his word.

Expired Auctions

I see that the Netfleet telemarketers (though apparently there is only one these days) have been very active over the past week. They certainly have been earning their keep judging by these enduser results:

  • sold for $1000 + + on the 13th September
  • sold for $3600 + + on the 12th September

Personally, I acquired some excellent domains this week. Some people think that I occasionally pay too much for certain domains. They may be right – but I’m happy with my track record of successful domain trading. Sometimes, you just have to back yourself and invest. I don’t mean to sound conceited by saying this, but it certainly becomes easier when you’ve been doing it for as many years as I have.

The fact is, I know that there are two other domain investors that right now are “pissed” that they didn’t win two particular domains. Why? Because they didn’t bid enough – or; they don’t cover themselves on all dropcatching platforms. They both approached me after auctions to see if I would onsell to them.

So if I may offer up two pieces of advice (even though it is detrimental to my own interests).

Don’t be afraid to pay! And bid on all platforms!

A rising tide lifts all boats.


Some people I have spoken to recently are finding the aftermarket for Aussie domains a little quiet over the past month.

However, I had one of my best week’s ever. 3 letter domains continue to be my absolute best seller. As I’ve said previously, I don’t do any outbound marketing, and I simply use Fabulous for my landing / sales pages. In fact, I’m going to write about this next week.

I also know of a couple of other people who continue to make decent sales – week in; week out.  I’m hopeful of doing an interview soon with Australia’s biggest private domain investor. This is one guy I absolutely take my hat off to. He is just an absolute expert when it comes to getting his domains listed on many platforms – and consequently, he gets lots of enquiries every day. Stay tuned!

Guest Articles

A few people have approached me to write guest articles for If you have something to offer my readership, I’m always happy to agree. It costs nothing – and it can give you good exposure and lots of “link juice”.

If you’d like to contribute, please email me.

What A Great Idea!

I’ve always watched with interest those people that use the web to “crowdfund” their ideas. I saw this the other day:

“Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – A book that inspires girls with the stories of 100 great women, from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams”.

Check out the article here; and make sure you watch the very professional 3 minute video.

Their success is certainly inspirational.

Misspelling List

I see and were both registered again earlier this week. And just as quickly, they are now again in Policy Delete.

When will people ever learn?

Ned O’Meara – 17th September 2016


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