Some at auDA Won’t Like This!

There have been a lot of vague hints, whispers and innuendo about possible financial “irregularities” under the old auDA management regime. These have been bandied about for a long time now. I wrote about this in July in an article entitled “auDA, Put Up Or Shut Up”. Here’s a snippet:

Some fairly serious accusations have been made (snidely, but not publicly) about possible financial irregularities and lack of proper corporate governance in the past. I’ve been told to my face that there were / are forensic accounting reports being conducted into the financial affairs of auDA during the period that Chris Disspain was CEO. If this is the case, are they also implying that the former Chair (The Hon. Tony Staley AO) was complicit in this? Former Directors? Previous senior management? Accountants, auditors and legal representation? Previous Company Secretary?

As stated many times, I was not a big fan of Chris Disspain, but what I dislike even more is this sort of campaign. It is totally unfair on him and others (many of whom I consider friends).

So auDA – release the reports to your membership. Make a statement. Take action if you need to. But please bring this to a head – to drag this into 2018 without doing so is simply unacceptable to many.

In The Meantime ….

Chris Disspain appears very much in demand. I read this in the recent ICANN Chairman’s Blog:

The Board has also indicated its support for the future election of Chris Disspain as the next Vice-Chair. Many congratulations to Chris as he transitions into this important role.

And he was also invited to be a keynote speaker at the just completed Merge! Show in Orlando, Florida. Photo courtesy of Ron Jackson of DN Journal.

Ned O’Meara – 19th October 2017


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  • October 19, 2017 at 8:53 am

    Release the documents AUDA and end the whisper campaign.

    I think most people would agree that AUDA ran a lot better under the old regime than the new, the place wasn’t perfect but at least it was stable.


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