Some Bargain NZ Domain Names

Domain for saleFor personal reasons, I’ve decided to sell all my New Zealand domains. So if you’re after some good NZ domains at very cheap prices, please hit me up! I’m in the mood to do some crazy deals. 🙂

Included in the sale are some valuable 2 letter domains – I will be selling these way below market value. So be quick – first in; first served!

Some Important Facts

  • Virtually anyone can buy NZ domains. There is no eligibility requirement like Australia – you don’t need an ABN or anything similar! You don’t even need a NZ address.
  • There is no Change of Registrant / transfer fee. The domain simply gets transfered to you (and retains expiry date). Up to buyer to then renew on anniversary date (average cost is about $NZD22 per year).
  • Some of my domains have rights to the .nz version as well. So there are two lists – the first is the domains that I have currently registered; and the second lists those domains that I still have rights to.

To enquire, please email me.

First List

Second List

NZ Domains 2