Review of .au Domain Administration (auDA) Terms of Endorsement by Department of Communications.

Have your say about whether the Australian Government’s Terms of Endorsement for the .au Domain Administration (auDA) remain fit for purpose.

The Department of Communications invites written submissions from individuals, businesses, peak bodies and other interested parties on proposed changes to the .au Domain Administration Terms of Endorsement, through the open public consultation process located here.

The deadline for your submission is 5pm on the 10 September 2021.

It’s obviously very important for you to set aside some time and let the Department of Communications know how you truly feel about auDA .au Domain Administration.

One thought on “Review of .au Domain Administration (auDA) Terms of Endorsement by Department of Communications.

  • August 23, 2021 at 9:56 am

    Australia has been hit with Lockdowns for 2 years. Sydney will last until Christmas or after it, probably.

    Now is NOT the time for auDA the fake not for profit to be putting more pressure on existing registrants, businesses, SME’s brands or their employees.

    auDA’s own COO Bruce Tonkin said this which speaks for itself!.. Why did auDA take this off their public website and hide it now from where it was easy to find before?

    Bruce Tonkin from a Registrar and now at auDA stated clearly:

    “The existing second level domains are widely recognised in Australian and internationally.

    A key drawback of introducing names directly at the top level could be damage to the businesses of existing registrants, when registrations at the top level are made to trade off their reputations.

    There would be a significant cost to businesses to try to protect their brands in the top level without any specific gain from a consumer perspective.”

    I have no doubts auDA is going to face a Class Action.

    The evidence is overwhelming how this has been rigged by them to date and the resignations from auDA’s own Board and public letter exposing the auDA Registrar scam are on the record prove it, along with now 100 media stories and submissions from those against it.

    John Swinson
    Carsales Ltd
    REA Group
    etc etc

    Maybe time for to refresh some old materials since auDA deletes all of theirs from the public to hide what has been going on.

    Start here maybe?
    “ACCAN voices concern over proposed changes to domain name system”

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