The Big Advantage Of 3 Letter Domain Names

Over the past few days, two businesses have acquired valuable 3 letter domains from me.

They are valuable because they are “short” – and there will only ever be one of them available.

The one I am highlighting today went to Marine Industries Victoria.

Their current domain name is, and they were so happy to be able to invest in the shorter domain name And at a reasonable price too!

The deal was done over the phone with their CEO Jason Salter. Great guy to talk with, and payment was made same day.

In talking with Jason, two important factors emerged. I think these apply to any similar business.

  • Their current domain name is just too long for email and search (they already call themselves MIV on their website); and
  • He was concerned about whether investing in a domain name by email or phone call was safe.

No argument from me on the first point!

As to the second point, I totally understand. I have found that if you can talk with any potential buyer of a domain name, it goes a long way to alleviating concerns.

In this era of pandemic, it is also refreshing to actually speak to another business operator in another part of Australia. You can listen to their story – and by the end of the conversation, you generally have built some rapport and a bit of trust.

Follow this up with a formal email outlining the proposal; and invite them to view your LinkedIn profile. Then send them a professional Tax Invoice, and the deal is done. Win / win.

I wish Jason and his team great online success.

2 thoughts on “The Big Advantage Of 3 Letter Domain Names

  • November 17, 2021 at 9:57 am

    Nice one Ned, yes LLL domains are an outstanding investment. Inbound inquiries are up at the moment, and I think it will continue.

    Bitcoin has turned south and crypto very likely to correct in 2022, which would mean greater money flowing out of lazy-gain assets and into ecommerce.

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    • November 19, 2021 at 8:37 am

      Coming Soon in crypto market:

      Major crash, think Bitcoin under $10k usd

      Bitcoin is tanking, has shed $5k usd since last post above stock ready for major share price collapse

      You heard it on first!

      Just my opinion and not advice

      Crypto bust = ecommerce Renaissance + domain name boom

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