The Magic Of Byron Bay

Byron Bay 1Whilst I was always be first and foremost a Queensland (and Noosa) fan, Byron Bay in NSW obviously does have its charms for many people.

In terms of domaining, I love both Noosa and Byron Bay. Not only are these geographic locations good for domain names; but I’ve met and dealt with a few entrepreneurs who live and work out of these locations.

In particular, two very successful businesses from Byron Bay have purchased a number of domains from me over the years. And the guys from these businesses have become friends.

Firstly, there is – James and Andy are absolute powerhouses when it comes to creating lead generation marketplaces. They have also purchased a number of highly valuable generic domains for their own use.

Secondly, there is – Norm Black has turned this into one of Australia’s premier travel booking / deal sites. Unfortunately, Norm barracks for NSW when it comes to rugby league and State of Origin – however, TripADeal is now one of the major sponsors of the Gold Coast Titans. Given the recent acquisition of Jarryd Hayne, Norm and TripADeal are getting some great publicity. Norm believes in putting his money where his mouth is, and he has purchased many premium travel related domain names over the past few years. One of these was!

Domain Names

A good keyword domain name with Byron or Noosa upfront (or tacked on the back), will generally earn a bit of parking income. Plus, you’re almost guaranteed of getting an offer or two along the way.

My most successful niches for these locations would undoubtedly be “accommodation”, “real estate” and “weddings”.

So imagine my delight yesterday when I was able to acquire on the expired auctions at Netfleet. I have tried to purchase this domain name over the years for a particular client (for lots of money too!), but I was always rebuffed by Ray White (Byron Bay). Heavens knows why they let it expire? If you have a look at the Wayback Machine, there has been a website in place for many years. Could be some bums being kicked there soon.

Ned O’Meara – 15th August 2016

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  • August 15, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    Nice acquisition Neddy. I will never understand how some companies own a name for 10+ years and then somehow their internal procedures malfunction and they allow it to drop…

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