The Power Of Branding

More and more people are making the smart decision to invest in their businesses by acquiring a premium 3 letter acronym domain name.

Obviously a 3 letter domain doesn’t work for every business out there, but if it does, then I urge you to look at trying to acquire yours.

Yes, it may cost a bit more than you initially expect. But I submit that it is not a cost – it is an investment in your business. One that will pay off handsomely in the future.

Remember that after the initial up front expenditure, it’s only going to cost you about $25 every two years to keep your domain name renewed. That’s a “no brainer” in my opinion.

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”. Aldo Gucci


Why Are They Lethal Weapons?

  • A 3 letter domain name is so easy to remember.
  • Short and easy to type – no confusion or hesitation for your clients (or potential clients!).
  • Particularly significant for mobile internet search.
  • They become your brand – your identifier. Stands you apart from your competition.
  • They are unique – as there will only ever be one set of your letters available in a domain.
  • Currently they are relatively inexpensive to acquire here in Australia (in the USA, good 3L dot com domains regularly sell for 5 and 6 figures!).
  • Due to their scarcity, these domains are always going to be an asset (capable of being re-sold).

These Businesses Get It!

I recently had the pleasure of assisting these businesses acquire a 3 letter domain for their online presence.

Whilst there have been many more, I’m highlighting these ones because they already have their website up and running! – Australian Computer Solutions (had the but wanted the the premium – Adaptive Interactive Learning – Refuelling Solutions

If I May Offer Advice?

If a 3 letter domain suits your business, then do what you can to acquire it now. They are unlikely ever to be cheaper as they are becoming more and more popular.

A person who I was recently dealing with couldn’t initially come to grips with the price, and when he came back to me 6 weeks later, the domain had been sold to someone else.

As always, best wishes for your online success.