The sky is falling!

Look - the sky is falling!

Got a cracker response today during a negotiation over a 3 letter domain (

This person started off with a more than reasonable opening offer of $1000. He caught my attention as a serious buyer.

I counter-offered – and gave him a list of comparative sales.

This afternoon I got his wonderful response (and I quote):

Hi Ned, 

With the plethora of new TLDs becoming available the value of such domains is diminishing.

We’ll keep our offer at 1K. Hit us up if you wish to flip it before the crash.

 Cheers,  Joe


When I got this, I laughed out loud! And then I simply replied:

Yeah, yeah.


The fact is, good 3 letter domains are reasonably rare; and thus they are valuable.

Companies use them for branding – a 3 letter acronym domain is just perfect for marketing purposes. Once the domain is sold, it is unlikely to ever be available for sale again (unless it is for a lot more money).

The sky certainly isn’t falling! 🙂