The thrill of an acquisition


Acquired what I consider to be a fantastic 3L (3 letter) domain today.

I buy and sell a lot of domains – but there are definitely some sales and purchases that stand out.

Today’s purchase is one of those. Apart from being a 3L domain, it has these attributes:

  • Begins with the letter “A”. (To me, these are absolute gold given that we live in Australia).
  • The other two letters are good ones as well.
  • It’s been around since 1998 (nearly 17 years), and since 2001 it was under the control of Advanced Client Services – a recruitment agency.

3L domains are valuable

Why? Because they can all be acronyms – and many companies are wanting to rebrand to a short and snappy memorable domain.

And they are rare. These days, once a 3L domain is sold to an organisation or company, it is highly unlikely that you would ever see it advertised for sale again. Unless it is at a much higher price. Seriously!

Some other 3L “A” sales on Netfleet

These two sales below were absolute bargains for the endusers in my opinion. By acquiring these domains for such a small investment in the scheme of things, they have a memorable web prescence for their commercial life.

Not to mention a valuable asset that works for them 24 / 7 / 365 days of the year! Have a look at their websites.

NF ACM sale priceANT sale price NF

So next time you see a good 3 letter domain, remember the old adage:

“He / she who hesitates is lost”. 🙂

Grab the domain before someone else does! Acronym domains are finite, valuable cyber property.