Time For Renewal At auDA

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, it’s rapidly coming up to auDA’s Annual General Meeting.

Of particular interest is the election of Directors to the Board of auDA to replace those retiring by rotation.

Four spots in total – two in Supply Class; and two in Demand Class.

auDA Has To Revitalise

I’m a Demand Class Member – as are many fellow domain investors.

What I’m about to say is not meant to be a personal attack on the person involved – rather it is a statement of incredulity.

I cannot believe that one of the current Director’s in Demand Class has decided to stand for yet another two year term. He has had 7 x two year terms already – and is now standing for an eighth.

It’s common knowledge that for the past couple of elections he has told people that he “probably won’t be standing again”, yet here he is again.

We live and operate in the 21st century – most corporations / institutions that have Boards of Directors ensure there are term limitations with regards being a Director. auDA should too in my opinion. I think a maximum of 4 x 2 year terms would be appropriate in this day and age.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors published this article in 2014:

Director tenure moves to front burner

Some excerpts:

“someone who has been on the board for 15 years and working with the same CEO, could become too cosy with management and cease to be genuinely independent”.

“advocates for good governance increasingly frame director tenure as a question of board “refreshment” “

“limiting tenure by either age or term will also increase opportunities to create more diverse boards”

So Who Should You Vote For?

Obviously that’s your decision! But I hope that my message about “board renewal” also resonates with you.

These are the Demand Candidates for the two positions (and my “form guide” along with their LinkedIn profiles if they have one):

Paul Levins – standing for his 3rd term. Solid performer on all tracks with some excellent results. Deserved firm favourite for a top two finish. LinkedIn profile.

Holly Raiche – feisty veteran with good connections. Runs an honest race. Could place if she does a bit more track work. LinkedIn profile.

Grant Wiltshire – solid bloodlines with an excellent pedigree. Definitely has potential – but still an unknown to punters. Could firm closer to the day.

Miguel Wood – starting to firm with bookmakers to at least place. Definite dark horse. LinkedIn profile.

Josh Rowe – veteran stayer standing for his 8th term. Sentimental favourite to himself and a few others. 😉 Should probably be put out to pasture. LinkedIn profile.

How To Vote

No doubt you have been inundated with emails from the candidates (if you’re an eligible auDA member). You have the option of voting by proxy (make sure you understand the latest date to submit these – and by what means!) – or you can attend the AGM in person. Details below. The auDA Christmas party follows.

Date: Monday 30 November 2015
Time: 4.30pm
Venue: Trilogy Room, Park Hyatt, 1 Parliament Square off Parliament Place, Melbourne


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2 thoughts on “Time For Renewal At auDA

  • November 19, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Get some new blood in there fresh people bring fresh ideas and outlook the net is changing everyday and domains are the back bone and blood that drive the web we need younger people with new visions for the future .

  • November 19, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    We suggest that the stayer be swabbed, along with an immediate stewards enquiry.

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