Tips to Increase Domain Name Value

A great domain name fetches more than $10,000. With powerful domain names like selling for more than $50 million. 

Obviously, a premium domain can be very profitable. 

Factors that can determine a domain names value include: 

  • The extension (.com,, .net, etc.)
  • Keyword popularity
  • Length

However,  there are ways to increase the value of domains and make them even more attractive to buyers. 

The key is that some buyers are looking for an established web-presence that they can walk into and shift toward their own business. 

You can do this with very little time and effort and it can dramatically increase the value of your domain. 

Here’s how. 

Create A Successful Website

A great domain name is powerful. With a successful website associated with the name, it’s even more powerful. 

If a website ranks well with search engines for industry keywords the value of the website and associated domain name increases dramatically. 

Although it can take time to get a website to rank for keywords, once it does it can drive business and create a brand following that’s very attractive to buyers. 

Social Media 

When you create active social media pages associated with a website they create a turn-key online presence for another business to walk into. 

Creating a presence on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube are all extremely powerful when the account names are closely associated with the domain name. 

The more people the social media accounts reach, the higher the value of the domain.

Domain Variations

When going through the time and effort to create a domain name, website, and social media package for potential buyers it can be a smart move to also purchase associated domain name variations and include them in the package. 

Domain name variations might include other extensions or name variations. This could be as simple as purchasing “” and “” and “”.

When you acquire other domain names with a close variation to the original, and sell them as a package, the buyer is purchasing all of the available traffic associated with that name. 

When you combine all of these efforts into one package the buyer is no longer purchasing just a domain name. They’re purchasing an online presence. They’re purchasing an established reputation online. And they’re purchasing traffic which is already established and can equate to sales. This creates a massive value add for the customer and a huge boost in value for the domain.