Trademark-Owning Bank files UDRP Complaint and Loses.

ClearBank Limited of London hired lawfirm Lawdit Solicitors in the UK in an attempt to steal the domain name from the California, USA owner.

What’s most notable about this case is that the Respondent won, even though he never bothered filing a response!

You can read the full verdict, but long-story-short, the domain name owner registered the domain name three years before the bank registered the trademark.

John Swinson was the sole UDRP panelist and he should be commended for making the right decision here and not just granting the Complainant the domain name due to “no response” from the Respondent.

We all know there are some lazy, bias UDRP and auDRP panelists out there that would have taken the “easy way out” and would have been too scared to make a right decision like this one.

Moral of the story for businesses and corporations who want to own a domain name?