Why This Chinese Start-Up Uses a Long Numerical Domain Name

One of 2019’s Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies has a long numeric domain as its corporate domain. 

The award-winning Chinese IT start-up True Land was #70 on this list of China’s 100 top Internet Companies. 

The company provides a long list of services including opinion polls, technical consulting, network information technology, and software design. 

What’s interesting is that the domain name is not the company name, but the long numerical domain name 71360.com. The website doesn’t explain why the company uses the domain name. So why have they chosen a long numerical domain name rather than their brand name?  

It turns out that the domain name means “providing 360-degree full-service for enterprises”.


Well, “71” rhymes with “Qui Ye” in Chinese, meaning “enterprises”. And 360 refers to “360-degree full-service”. 

The cultural significance in China of these terms makes the domain name memorable to the company’s Chinese customers. However, the meaning of the domain name will be lost outside of China if True Land intends to go global.