New Drop Catcher Update

We hear the new incoming Drop Catcher, which will aptly live at,) have submitted their latest Registrar Application to auDA, after having to jump through a number of hoops over the past few months.

Domainer reached out to auDA yesterday for an update on when the new Drop Catcher competitor may launch and today a representative from auDA stated;

the new Drop Catcher situation is an ongoing situation and currently being pursued.

As we pointed out in this article, the current one-and-only domain name auction service banned me from using their service because I mentioned a domain name “sold for five figures”. I am banned forever. So, like hundreds of other entrepreneurs and domain investors, I’m eagerly awaiting auDA to approve a competitor Drop Catcher service (they can’t operate until auDA approve them as a ‘Registrar’).


auDA Announce auDRP Overview

A prominent local domain investor recently reached out to auDA to point out the recent Reverse Domain Name Hijacking verdict that was made against Affirm Inc., after they lost their attempt to hijack the highly generic domain name

auDA Responded the following;

Thanks for your email about the issue of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and your suggested revision of the auDRP policy.

auDRP decisions are available on our website for anyone to view including Board directors.

We are about to do an overview of auDRP decisions. The last review was done in around 2014, by Professor Andrew Christie, and auDA’s intention is for the Overview to be updated at regular intervals. There have been about 300 auDRP decisions since the last review.

Here is the link to the last review:

Once the review is completed we can open up for comments on suggested improvements to auDRP.


Recent Domain Sales

Here are recent Australian domain name sales that have been seen or reported to Domainer;

  • – $17,600 (
  • – $16,500 (
  • $10,000 (Dropped Domain)
  • $10,000 (Dropped Domain)
  • $3,500 (Dropped Domain)
  • $3,500 (Dropped Domain)
  • $2,000 (Dropped Domain)

One thought on “Update – June ’21

  • Avatar
    June 19, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    Thanks for reporting those sales and thanks Luke and Ned for putting more great domains in the hands of end users.

    Once a domain goes to an end user, it generally can’t be bought again for less than 6 figures, because too much has been vested in developing it.


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