Verisign Gets Into Blockchain Domain Names

Verisign, one of the biggest players in the domain name registry game, has been given a block-chain based patent. 

Block-chain based domain names are picking up rapid momentum as Verisign gets into the action. 

Verisign controls the .com and .net domains. It was granted a patent on 21 July, 2020.

Their new patent gives domain names purchased in a DNS environment the ability to be used in a blockchain environment. This will allow domain names to be used as “blockchain user addresses”. 

This is a big leap forward as Versign is now creating the groundwork for their domains to be used as the blockchain presence for users. 

The patent states: 

““If a registrant owns, they may wish to be able to use it as their blockchain user address. This enables a human friendly way to interact with other blockchain participants by using domain names as addresses instead of numbers […] it permits blockchain participants to utilize their web presence, e.g.,, as their blockchain presence.”

Furthermore, the new patent states it will ensure security with the blockchain network. 

“For example, if a given address on a blockchain has an attached phone number or email address, those could be consulted on chain as a source to send a message to, to confirm proof of address ownership.”

We’ve reported in the past about the use of blockchain technology by Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum. 

Are we seeing the first hints that blockchain is the wave of the future for the internet and domain names? 

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  • July 25, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    All Verisign needs now is a or .melbourne domain name to go with it.

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