What’s Happening On The Drops?

Miserable day today as you can see from the screenshot below.

One thing I did notice is that Fairfax Media / OMG dropped a large swag of domains today. These were mostly in the “cosmetic” niche.

A lot of domainers received an email about a week ago offering these up, but there wasn’t a lot of interest.

These five names below sold today for $1 plus reg fee on Drop – other than that, it looks like they didn’t really have many takers.

  • MineralBlush.com.au
  • SunscreenLotion.com.au
  • WaterproofMakeup.com.au
  • CreamCleansers.com.au
  • CreamCleanser.com.au

This was the Netfleet result today:

screenshot-www netfleet com au 2016-05-09 13-26-08