When Magic Is Not Enough auDA

Transparency and communication from the auDA Board and management. Poof – disappeared like magic. Minutes; Agendas; Reports etc gone with a keystroke or two.

And then an unconstitutional Code of Conduct is also unilaterally imposed on Members – part of which seeks to muzzle / censor comments critical of the Board and Management (at their sole discretion).

The Board and CEO are now wondering why Members are so upset. Note to CEO and Board: Until the Constitution is changed, auDA is a membership organisation.

auDA needs to get that same magician back to reverse the disappearing act. I think the audience would applaud loudly.

Even Former Directors Are Dismayed

You know things are getting really serious when former Directors of auDA are forced to defend their legacy of transparency and communication. Josh Rowe filed a Freedom of Information request to get copies of all previous records whilst he was a Director. Because the bill was going to be so high ($657), he launched a GoFundMe campaign. This was fully funded in two days by 18 individual contributors.

David Goldstein (former Director) also covered this and other auDA issues on DomainPulse.

Additionally, transparency has gone out the window with Annual Reports deleted and since restored with no explanation and significant pieces of the organisation’s history deleted including previous Board members. Yes, your correspondent has been wiped from some of auDA’s history.

A Board member for over 14 years, Josh Rowe, has started a fundraising drive for a FOI request to restore the previously published board minutes, agenda and reports. The GoFundMe campaign seeks to raise $657 to obtain the deleted auDA documents from the Australian Government who is an observer on the auDA board.

And we are starting to get some international coverage with the well-respected Michele Neylon also picking up the story.

♦  FOI requests do work sometimes – here is a prime example of a successful application for the Minutes when the auDA Board had a “candlelight supper meeting” to appoint the new CEO Cameron Boardman.

It really is time to change course auDA. Governments and business organizations do it all the time – particularly if they realise that the changes they made are “on the nose”.

There is no shame in reversing decisions that you made ….  in fact, if anything, you’ll get credit for listening and acting.

Ned O’Meara – 16th May 2017


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  • May 16, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    They are certainly doing a good job of consolidating the opposing interests.

    Next step annointing the next demand directors.

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