Where Can I Sell My Domain Names?

Selling domain names for profit isn’t as simple as it seems. Buying domains is easy, but to sell them you need to list the domain name for sale in the right place or contact the right end-user. And let’s not forget about Australia’s auDA Policy Rules, which are very different and much more restrictive than many other countries.

It’s quite easy to sell a “.com” domain name (as long as you’re not infringing on someone’s trademark). It’s not as easy to sell a “.com.au” domain name, but it is possible.

There are several places you can list your domain names for sale. And each has its pros and cons. 


Uniregistry is a sales marketplace to sell domain names and offers a brokerage service to help clients negotiate the sale of their domains. Uniregistry is also a registrar and offers domain name parking services. 



One of the oldest domain name platforms around, this company has people around the world who use it when they’re looking for domain names. This can help you get a massive reach for the sale of your domain. They also have a brokerage team that can help you negotiate and sell your domain. 



Namecheap has a domain marketplace where people can come together to sell and purchase domains. They’re also a domain registrar. 



Similar to Namecheap, Epik is a domain registrar that offers a domain marketplace. 



This domain name marketplace allows buyers and sellers to come together on it’s platform and was previously named Undeveloped. 



A platform that will allow users to find domain names for sale and domain registrants to sell their domain names. 



A section of this domain name forum website is dedicated to domain name sales where members can list their domain names for sale and anyone can purchase them. 


GoDaddy/ Afternic

Afternic is a subsidiary of GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the most widely known platform and has a huge reach. GoDaddy customers will be shown domains that are listed on Afternic when their customers search for domain names and related domain names for sale. And domain names that are listed on their platform will also be listed on other websites which partner with GoDaddy, like Namecheap and Name.com


Each domain name must be submitted to be approved for sale on Brand Bucket. This platform specializes in helping people find brand building domains for sale. 



DBR Australian Domain Brokerage often buy premium Australian domain names. Be sure to contact them if you have a short or one-word premium domain name to sell.


Domain Name Landing Page

We’ve saved the best for last. The actual landing page of the domain that you’d like to sell is the best place to list it for sale. It’s easily overlooked by people, even though it’s simple and straightforward. Domain name registrants can create their own landing page created by a domain registrar, a parking service, or through a landing page service where they can create their own.

The only problem is, Australia’s harsh auDA Policy Rules currently make it pretty hard to sell your digital asset. If you’re new to selling your .com.au domain name, please be sure to seek advice from a commenter on this website or a domain broker before broadcasting to the public that your Australian domain name is “for sale”.

New domain name investors should note that unless a domain is an exact match of your company name or a service you provide offline then a Domain Name Landing Page is not going to be auDA compliant as you will not be able to use the monetisation rule to pass a warranty check on your close and substantial connection to the domain name.

This is however a complaints driven process so you may be able to get away with running the gauntlet for a few years BUT if auDA do get a complaint it can quite quickly escalate into their entire portfolio being deleted.

What to consider when listing your domains.

Ultimately, the best place to sell your domain name is based on a variety of factors. With each of the above options, it’s important to consider whether it meets your needs in selling your domain name.

  • How much it is to list your domain? 
  • What’s the commission rate or sales fees for each sale made? 
  • How easy is it to sell your domains on that platform?
  • How big of a reach does that platform have? Will it reach the best buyers? 
  • Are there brokerage opportunities available on that platform? 
  • What’s the acceptance rate of listings on that platform? 
  • Does that platform partner with any other sales platforms? 

2 thoughts on “Where Can I Sell My Domain Names?

  • January 9, 2020 at 8:32 am

    Best advice: Don’t sell what you don’t need to.

    If you have a generic domain name, the value is only going up.

    Every year more and more businesses look to establish or enhance their online presence.

    Businesses that close doors generally hang on to their generic domain names and/or re-purpose them.

    This means that generic domain names are getting rarer and rarer.

    I have seen a number of prized .com.au domain names change hands end user to end user in recent months eg. Adroit.com.au. I am seeing more and more .net.au domain names in use by SMEs as a good alternative when the price tag is too high for a .com.au.

    Just say no. To the stupid opening offer. To the stupid follow up offer. To stupid domain buying services that are based in the US that have no clue whatsoever. Cough, your houses cost $40-60k because your economy is shot, somehow I don’t think you are ever going to get a handle on what .com.au and .net.au domain names actually sell for in Australia. If you did, your head might explode.

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