You don’t have to be at work to make money

Moving boxes

Over the past few days I’ve been moving house, which as many of you will know can be a rather frustrating process! We’re almost finished now thankfully, but there’s still a frightening amount of boxes to be unpacked and furniture to be rearranged, before our new abode feels comfortable.

I haven’t had much time at all for domaining over the last week or so with the move, but that hasn’t stopped the offers from rolling in. In between all the cleaning, packing and hauling I was able to close another sale.

That’s the great thing about domain investing, you can be making money even while you’re not at work. The whole process of a domain sale can be transacted online, so it’s easy to respond to offers, initiate the Change of Registrant etc. I can even do it all using the browser on my smartphone if I have to.