Required auDA Changes

The Domainer and Entrepreneur community would like to see the following changes to auDA Policy implemented as soon as possible;

1: auDA Require an independent Ombudsman

“If any affected person in Australia feels aggrieved by a decision of auDA, who can they turn to for an independent assessment and adjudication?”


2: Christmas Period Policy Deletions

We advocate for a moratorium on policy deletions where the 14 day period falls over the Christmas to New year summer break. So no domains to be policy deleted by registrars from 7 Dec (14 days to the 21st) until 1 Jan. auDA controls the final deletion date and I feel there is a subtle rush to tie up loose ends at the end of every year which results in a rush of quality deletions on or around Christmas.


3. Domain Investor’s 2021 Wish List

Ned O’Meara wrote a detailed blog as to what many Domain Investors would like to see happen in 2021.


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