Awesome Domain Sale

Another amazing 3 letter domain sale yesterday on Netfleet. sold for $13,158 – plus GST and fees taking it up to $14,474.

Values on 3 letter domains are just going up and up – they are “Lethal Weapons” in the right hands.

Netfleet RPL

Once again the education and training sector is going through the roof. The term “RPL” can stand for “Recognition of Prior Learning” – and judging by the purchaser, this is why they purchased the domain.

According to WhoIs, the purchaser is RPL Central Pty Ltd. Doing some digging, I found their Facebook page; which in turn lead me to their website. As you will see, this is itself re-directed to – and a YouTube video. Interesting is all that I will say! 😉

A bit more investigation lead me to this Google apps page.

Congratulations to the purchaser – and well done to Netfleet for catching the domain.