Daily Snippets – 27 February

Here is a roundup of some snippets that I hope you find interesting.

Checking Domain Names Before You Buy Them

When you buy domain names on the drops, do you ever do any research on them prior to bidding? And when I say research, not just search volume or the number of backlinks.

What if you purchased a domain name for $800 (thinking you got an absolute bargain) – and then found out that it had a “bad history” and was banned by Google? Would you be peed off?

Dropcatchers are not there to tell you if a domain has “history”. And I can also guarantee you that a private seller is not going to volunteer any information! Why should they?

Analogy: If you bought a house for an absolute bargain, and then found out afterwards that there had been a gruesome murder there, would you think differently about its value?

NSW real estate agents now have to declare such major events (not sure about other States). Check out this excerpt from an article in The Daily Telegraph.

“In 2004, a property in Sydney where Sef Gonzales had murdered his parents and sister was put on the market without mentioning its gruesome history. A Buddhist couple bought it unawares and, upon learning of its past, demanded a refund. After much ado, they were reimbursed their deposit and the NSW government made it illegal henceforth to sell a home without disclosing murders that took place in it”.

Yesterday, James Norquay wrote this brilliant article on what to look for before purchasing a significant domain name or website. I urge everyone to read it – it certainly opened my eyes up!

What’s Happening On The Drops

On Thursday, there were 20 contested domains on Netfleet. They won 18 of these – with the top domain of the day being accessibility.com.au for $1005 plus / plus.

Yesterday, there were also 20 domains, and once again NF won 18 of them. However, Domain Shield did manage to grab the top one being HotelsAdelaide.com.au (the bid on Netfleet was $268 + / +).

Website Of The Day

My youngest son has just become a personal trainer, and so I have a great interest in looking at the various personal training offerings online.

One site that really grabbed my attention was this one by Danny Green (Aussie boxer who held several world championships).

This is a great site in my opinion. It ticks all the boxes (pardon the pun). And apparently it has been a roaring success for him. I can see why.

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

E James Rohn


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