Daily Snippets – 3 March

Here is a roundup of some snippets that I hope you find interesting.

Flippa Still Makes Me Wonder

As I’ve written in a couple of previous articles, I have been tracking the efforts of the person trying to sell Boy.com.au on Flippa.

Yet again, the domain has been passed in. There was one bid of $500 – but as I wrote before, this looked a bit suss! Though of course I might be wrong. 😉

Even though I am dubious about the bid, I still maintain this domain is worth more than $500. But it has now been conclusively proven that Flippa is NOT the right place to try and market such a good 3 letter domain.

Boy 5 Flippa

Dick Smith’s Intellectual Property

Many thanks to Richard G for the lead on this story. He let me know that there was a story in SmartCompany yesterday about Ferrier Hodgson commencing a sales campaign for the electronic retail chain’s online divisions and intellectual property, including the chain’s website domains and customer databases.

At least FH have recognized this time that cyber assets like domain names are valuable! Unlike what transpired with regards Toys.com.au!

I’d love to know the extent of the domain names that they have. Does anyone know?

What’s Happening On The Drops

In total, there were 26 contested domains on Netfleet – they had a really good day at the office and won 25 of them.

Top domains were chefuniform.com.au for $412 +/+; and cpdcourses.com.au for $400 +/+. No visible bids on Drop for these two (which indicates $1 bids).

The only domain that NF lost was trailerparts.com.au – this was won by Domain Shield for probably $400 inclusive. Losing bid on NF was $335 +/+.


Website Of The Day

Whilst not a website, this article in The Age did grab my attention.

I want to be a teenage entrepreneur but the government won’t let me


If you have any comments on any of the above, I’d love to hear them.

Best wishes for your online success. 🙂


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